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    Affect of Toss in a Cricket Match

    Toss or flip of the coin is one of the most important factors in a cricket match. Unlike other sports, Toss plays a huge role in determining the final outcome of the match. Toss is so important that sometimes the result of the whole game is depending upon the Toss and the team that wins the toss wins the match as well (provided that the captain made the correct decision after winning the toss). Here we will discuss the role that a toss plays and how it affects the final result.

    Well, most of the time the effects of toss are related to the nature of the pitch. In fact, in those games where toss plays a major role, the pitch has also a big role to play, however, this is not the case all the time. Winning a toss on a green wicket that supports the fast bowlers and bowling first on the first day of a test match can be a major factor in determining the success of the winning captain’s team. However, having said that winning a toss doesn’t necessarily guarantee success the bowlers and the batsmen still have to play their part.

    Similarly in day and night, ODI’s the toss again plays an important role especially in humid conditions. Because during the night the dew comes in and it gives an advantage to the batting side, as it is very hard for bowlers to control the wet ball. Therefore the captain that wins the toss in such conditions opts to bowl first regardless of the team condition. Again we see the toss playing a major role and changing the course of the game.

    The teams mostly choose the option that is best suited to them (unless the pitch conditions are entirely different) after winning the toss. For example, a team whose strength lies in batting will opt to bowl first after winning the toss most of the time. If the team has a destructive bowling lineup then the toss can be a decisive factor in the match.

    As mentioned earlier even though the toss plays a huge role and affects the results of the game however the bowlers and the batsmen have to perform well because if they don’t then win or losing the toss doesn’t make any difference.