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    Cricket Bat Sizes

    Here is some information related to cricket bat sizes. We have compiled this information from two prominent manufacturers, GM & Kookaburra.


    Kookaburra has bats available in five different ranges; Kahuna, Ultra Menace, Blade, Cadejo, and Ice. The average weight of Kahuna and Ice is 37 ounces each, while Ultra Menace and Kahuna T20 weigh 39, 35, and 38 ounces respectively.

    The Kookaburra bats come in sizes from 0 to 6 followed by SM, SH, and LH.

    What Kookaburra recommends is that for a cricketer with a height of around four feet or less, the size zero should be used. Thereafter for every three inches of increase in the cricketer’s height, the size of the bat needs to increase by 1.

    1 pic 122 " to 129.5 "
    2 pic 130 " to 137 "
    3 pic 137 " to 145 "
    4 pic 145 " to 150 "
    5 pic 150 " to 157.5 "
    6 pic 157.5 " to 162.5 "
    SM pic 162.5 " to 167.5 "
    SH pic 167.5 " to 175.3 "
    LH pic 175.3" to 183"

    Gunn & Moore

    For the Adult players:

    1. Apex DXM: Like most of the other Gunn and Moore adult bats, it has a GM Control Grip with edges that are substantially shaped at the drive zone. It has sharp contoured edges with a precision machined pick-up
    2. Flare DXM: It has flowing and contoured edges with perimeter weight and a light pick-up, making it easier to have a big bat lift.
    3. Flare DXM GM+: This is the advanced version of the Flare DXM with a Shock-Absorba grip, a huge profile, and a better sweet spot with an amazing ping.
    4. Icon DXM: Icon DXM has thick power edges and a high swell position, with a power arc blade and Super Concave Profile & Toe-Up that makes it one of the lighter bats with a great stroking ability.
    5. Icon DXM GM+: This range of Gunn and Moore has a Shock-Absorba Grip and has thick, powerful edges as compared to the GM edges that Icon DXM has. The one thing that distinguishes it from the other bats is the very light pick-up that it has.
    6. Hero DXM: The Hero DXM has a concave profile and toes with strong, contoured edges and a low swell position.

    The GM bats are available in sizes 0 to 6, Harrow, Academy, and Full-Size Short Handel.

    For the junior players, while it is good to look at the brand and the range, what also matters is the height of the bat as compared to the batsman’s height.

    0 pic 120 " to 129 "
    1 pic 129 " to 137 "
    2 pic 137 " to 145 "
    3 pic 145 " to 150 "
    4 pic 150 " to 157 "
    5 pic 157 " to 163 "
    HARROW pic 163 " to 168 "
    ACADEMY pic 168 " to 175 "
    FULL pic above 175 "