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    Cricket Tips


    Practice makes you perfect
    Cricket is a game of skill, strength and stamina. Any conditioning program needs to take into account these three factors so that a player can improve his performance. Proper conditioning and coaching programs help the players with a natural ability to perform well and reduce the risk of injury and fitness problems.

    Before playing the game, it is important for the players to undergo a warm-up session and a regular stretching routine. This helps the bowlers and the batsmen to get ready for the action and stay fit despite long playing hours. Along with strength and fitness, the players also need to work on their skills and technique.

    Batting: A good batsman is one who concentrates hard and tries to stay at the crease for a longer duration and at the same time scores runs. In order to survive for hours against a quality bowling attack and also scoring runs, the batsman needs to mix caution with aggression. He should have good eyes or reflexes combined with an ability to stay focused. The strength and the technique to play shots is also important.

    Fielding: Fielders need to be on the field and remain alert to stop the ball, chase it, racing towards the boundary. At times, they need to jump in the air, dive along the ground and catch the ball at a high speed. They cannot afford to get tired. Fielding is a tough job. It needs loads of concentration and staying power. The fielders need to keep their minds and eyes focused only on the ball. They should be able to pre-judge a batsman’s movement and be ready when the ball comes towards them.

    Bowling: A good bowler is one who bowls a good line and length over a long spell. Stamina to bowl as many overs as a captain demands is also important. This is only possible if the bowler is mentally and physically fit. A fast bowler especially needs to acquire a good amount of strength and speed. If the bowler is not fit, he will sustain injuries and rendered unfit to play the highest level of cricket.

    Working on your game in the nets is a crucial aspect of a player’s development. In the nets, a budding cricketer can practice various strokes; he can undergo a catching drill or an intense bowling session. In cricket, there is no substitute for practice. It is necessary to practice bowling, batting and fielding under the keen eye of your coach. The more you play the better will be your game.

    You can get in touch with a good coach or even join a cricket academy where you would get to play and learn along with other players.