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    Left Hander's Corner

    This section contains all the needed gear for left handed players, we have created this category to make it easier for left handed batsmen to pick gloves & batting pads suitable for their needs. As our inventory continues to grow we will include all available cricket gear for left handed players in this category. Cricket bats are not included in this category only relevant products specific to left handed batsmen. 

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    Cricket Batting Pads CAMBRIDGE S-Lite 4 By SS Sunridges

    Latest 2016-2017 SS Cricket Batting Legguards Cambridge S-Lite 4 by famous Indian Cricket brand Sunridges.

    Inferno 950 Batting Gloves by Ihsan

    $62.00 $70.00
    Elite player's gloves utilizing the finest leather, digital leather palm and high density foam for ultimate comfort and performance.

    Cricket Batting Gloves T20 Daisy Cutter by Cricket Equipment USA

    $30.00 $35.00
    Cricket Batting Gloves T20 Daisy Cutter by Cricket Equipment USA. Traditional style glove with high density foam underlays for ultimate shock absorption.

    Cricket Batting Gloves SUPERTEST by SS Sunridges

    $52.00 $59.05
    Popular batting gloves for experienced players, heavily padded with soft fill material to reduce the weight. Protect fingers and hands with air ventilation on sides with mesh construction. Sheep leather for flexibility and comfort to palm. Fits perfectly available in men's sizes.

    Cricket Batting Gloves GLADIATOR by SS Sunridges

    $52.05 $62.05
    Top of the line cricket batting gloves Gladiator, often seen in international cricket matches worn by batsmen. Super lightweight and the best protection for your hands. These gloves and best suited for experienced players who play long innings and face very fast bowlers on regular basis. Choice of international players at Test Cricket level.

    Cricket Batting Gloves Matrix by SS Sunridges

    $53.00 $63.05
    Super soft sheep leather palm for snug fit and comfort. Great value at an economical price! The pre-bent fiber in two fingers, reinforced with padded palm panel.

    Cricket Batting Gloves Tournament by SS Sunridges

    Super soft sheep leather palm with a Velcro wrist strap for snug fit and comfort. Provides great protection while also being extremely lightweight and easy to maneuver. Built for both professional and beginner use. Stylish blue, black and white color scheme. Great value at an economical price!

    Cricket Batting Gloves Platino by SS Sunridges

    $42.00 $52.05
    Popular Platino batting gloves from Sunridges with maximum protection and air ventilation. Maximum comfort for all day batting. Flexible design and mesh on sides for air ventilation.

    Cricket Batting Gloves Superlite by SS Sunridges

    $56.05 $52.05
    Sheep leather palm with great protection to protect against fast deliveries hitting on hand. Lightweight design and fitting on men's hands. Provides great control while gripping the cricket bat.

    Cricket Batting Gloves HI TECH by SS Sunridges

    $48.00 $58.00
    Super soft sheep leather palm for snug fit and comfort. Blue white comfortable while batting. High end batting gloves for long batting innings, best value fast selling batting gloves with high satisfaction.