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    Cricket Bats

    We are official retailer of world class cricket brands such as Kookaburra, Gunn & Moore, SS Sunridges, Ihsan, CE & MB Malik. We carry bats in all possible flavors to your liking. Due to large selection of bats we have sub categorized the bats into different sections.

    So Why Purchase Bats From US ?

    When you buy from us, you can be rest assured that you will get authentic products from each respective cricket brand we represent. We guarantee you 100% satisfaction on all your purchases, we have hundreds of loyal customers who prefer tto purchase from us regularly and repeatedly. We appreciate and care about our customers and do our best to provide best possible customer service. We continue to grow our business with strong ethical values and by providing our customer with great cricket products from awesome brands we sell.

    How To Select the Correct Cricket Bat

    You can also use the search box to find the bat you are looking for or browse through our large catalog for available cricket bats. You may also find it helpful to look at cricket bats size charts to gain better understanding of bat sizes. We have bats in long handle, short handle, Academy, harrow, size 6 and 4. Bats made from English & Kashmir willow are also categorized for easier selection depending on your budget & style of play. 

    Why Some Bats Are More Expensive Then The Others

    The bats are usually priced based on the quality of wood or willow they are made from, the most expensive bats are made from the trees which have aged longer than the others. These type of bats have narrow grains and are cosmetically cleaner with no knots, each brand has their own criteria for grading the bats, to get am idea you can check out the GM cricket bats willow grading link and be informed when making your buying decisions.

    Learn How To Oil & Knock Your New Cricket Bat

    If you play with leather cricket ball and have a new bat, you recommend you prepare your bat for before using it. Only GM English Willow bats comes oiled, knocked and sealed and are made in England. For all other brands it is recommended to prepare them before using. We have useful informative video from Kookaburra which shows you how to do it properly. You can view the informative article and video on how to oil and knock a new cricket bat here.

    What Is A Short Handle Cricket Bat

    Short handle bats are regular full size cricket bats which are widely used. Consider checking out our academy size bats if you would prefer a lighter bat, the Academy size bats from Gunn & Moore have the same blade length as normal bat but are shorter in handle size reducing the weight of the bat, some of the light weight bats examples are below:

    Six6 Academy Size GM Bat

    Kahuna Lite Kookaburra Bat

    Kahuna 150 Cricket Bat By Kookaburra

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    Make it a great day and happy batting!