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    Bright Future of Cricket in US

    April 17,2013 Atlanta GA: Cricket first started in England in 16th Century and in 1800's international matches began and thus cricket eventually became the 2nd most popular game after football.  In the United States cricket started very earlier but unfortunately it failed in getting success as speedy as other games.

    In the recent years cricket is becoming popular in the region particularly in the last 10 to 15 years.  In 2004 the International Cricket Council (ICC) announced Project USA, the aim was to introduce proper cricket in USA.  The project though failed but it increased awareness about cricket in the United States.  Today in the US there is a large number of players actively playing cricket.  Many of them are from cricketing countries, but US citizens too have interests in cricket.  Most of the players playing generally recreational cricket throughout US cities.

    There are many colleges having competitive cricket teams and these teams playing cricket throughout the year.  There are annual cricket championships among different colleges.  Cricket has been growing consistently in the United States.  The United States Youth Cricket Association (YSYCA) making arrangements for cricket leagues.  The association is growing very rapidly.  The YSYCA is trying to make the game popular widely and for this reason they provided free cricket kits to various schools across America.


    In conclusion we can say that cricket is becoming popular in the United States.  How much time it will take to become the most popular game of America? Time--will answer the question more accurately, but, one thing is clear enough that people are engaged in cricket, they love cricket, all cricket equipment are available and the last---there is craze for cricket; the real indication of bright future of cricket in the US.

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